Displaced in Darfur- Amnesty International

The security situation for internally displaced people is on a knife-edge as the UN forces end their third week of operations in Darfur. Launching a new report on the country, Amnesty International warned that a generation of Darfuris is growing up in extreme fear and insecurity in camps awash with weapons ? a potentially explosive combination. Displaced in Darfur ? A generation of anger outlines the current state of insecurity in camps for internally displaced people (IDPs) in Darfur and the potential consequences and possible remedies. “Almost all of the camps in Darfur are flooded with weapons. The security situation in and outside of the camps continues to deteriorate, as hopes of a political resolution to the Darfur conflict recede and hostilities between the government and armed groups continues to escalate,” said Tawanda Hondora, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Africa Program. “The welfare of displaced people continues to be ignored while armed groups and the government bicker and impede the complete deployment of UNAMID forces [UN forces in Darfur]. There can be no durable peace without ensuring that the security and human rights of these people are respected and upheld.”

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