Donors offer $500M to Palestinians

“For me, Gaza is a time bomb. It cannot continue like this without an enormous social explosion. So we need more money but we need also a political solution to this war. I’ve never seen so much hatred and bitterness as during my last visit there,” United Nations relief coordinator Jan Egeland said during the donor conference for the Palestinians held in Stockholm.

An international conference in Stockholm ended with $500 million in aid pledges for the Palestinians. Of the sum, only $57.8 million will cover the United Nations appeal, according to Swedish Aid Minister Carin Jaemtin. She said “some countries … have pledged money through the Temporary International Mechanism (TIM) which was set up by the (Eureopean Union)” while some intend to channel their contribution through the World Bank for long-term development programs. Other nations, mainly from the Middle East, plan to send cash directly to the Palestinian Authority, which is currently led by Hamas.

Donors pledge 500 million dollars in aid to Palestinians (Agence France-Presse)
UN’s Gaza ‘time bomb’ warning as west pledges $500m in aid (Guardian)
Palestinian donor meeting raises $500 mln (Reuters)

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