Doubts grow over Palestinian aid plan

Objections from the U.S. and the World Bank are raising doubts as to whether aid will reach the Palestinians soon enough. One European diplomat said: “This is a nasty situation. Unless they find some sort of mechanism that literally bypasses banks to get money to the Palestinians, I’m not sure how the money gets there.” Europe wants to use the World Bank as vehicle for donations that will cover the so-called “social allowances.” But World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz said the lender is not ready to set aside U.S. objections against payment of salaries to Hamas government employees. “Some Europeans, though not all of them, are pressing us to provide funds to Palestinian health sector employees on the ground. We have a problem with that. We don’t want to relieve any pressure on Hamas, because it’s at the heart of our ability to apply sanctions,” a senior State Department official remarked. (Source: Palestinian aid plan stalls on U.S. objection/The New York Times)

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