How much ego is there in development?

None at all, Christopher Clubb, emerging markets financing director at the European Bank for Reconstruction Development, told Devex Editor Rolf Rosenkranz at the European Development Days in Brussels.

“[With our partners] at a professional level, we just basically engage with each other, learn from each other how we can realize projects in particular countries to achieve the outcome we’re looking for,” he said. “I can’t remember a time when egos have gotten in the way of us delivering our projects.”

Clubb did admit, though — it’s not always easy to deal with some of the “personalities” in power in the countries they work in.

“Some of the political personalities in our countries can be challenging, but at the end of the day if you can provide a good value proposition, those personalities see the benefits of the project and the benefits of engaging with EBRD and others,” he said.

Watch the above video for more insights from Clubb on how his organization is striving to help develop the private sector of transition economies, especially in Central Asia, through partnerships with top donors like the European Union and the Asian Development Bank.

Devex was at the European Development Days 2013. Check out our coverage of Europe’s leading global development event of the year.

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