Election 2012(Series 1)

    Finally we all go to the poles on 7th December to either give Prez. John Mahama and the NDC a second mandate to rule the country or Akuffo Addo and the NPP a mandate to take power from the incumbent NDC government. Once again we as the electorate have responsibility towards ourselves and the generation who are under the voting age and yet to be born to ensure that between these two opposing parties we choose the one that will advance our quest to make Ghana develop and self sustaining democracy and economy.

    It is no news that Ghana enjoys a more robust democracy in the sub-Saharan African region, hence all eyes will be on us to ascertain if indeed democratic governance is solidifying its roots in Africa or not.its no news that some African leaders have become power drank so much so that they will do anything to hold on to power, the truth is that the citizens are becoming more aware of the powers they have to decide who to govern them, its for us to start ensuring that we not only become biased towards our political fathers and believes but rather ensure that we do something with these ideologies.

    Back to Ghana, in December we go to the poles to decide whom to lead the country for the next four years, and the members of the legislature. The whole world is looking up to us to prove once again that our democracy has come to stay and our independence and peace are of paramount importance to us.

    It is important that we analyse the issues and not personalities.

    What are the issues that will be dominating this election?

    1. Political stability

    2. Policy trends (both achievement and targets)

    3. Fiscal policy

    4. Monetary policy

    5. Resources management

    6. Issues arising from the production of oil in commercial quantities

    7. Abuse of incumbency

    8. Past performance

    9. Current state of economy

    10. Personnel to support the presidency and their competency

    These are few of the issues that are going to inform the electorates and their votes. Watch this space as we tackle these issues and how they are likely to impact on electrates choice in both presidential and parliamentary elections.