Endangered habitats get help

The World Bank and Conservation International (CI) formed a USD20 million partnership to save threatened habitats such as island ecosystems and temperate forests. The Global Environment Facility will provide the funding, thus bringing its contribution to the CI-administered Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund to USD45 million. ?The world’s irreplaceable habitats, those which if lost locally will be gone globally, are mostly found in the biodiversity hotspots. This initiative is aggressively building the local institutions and the capacity of developing countries to manage and benefit from these high priority places,? averred GEF CEO and Chairperson Monique Barbut. ?All species and their habitats are important,? according to World Bank Director of Environment Warren Evans. ?But some areas are more richly endowed than others. These new funds will help us continue to find solutions that allow poor people in these hotspots to have a better way of life while at the same time conserving the biodiversity on which their long-term survival depends.? (Press Release: Global Environment Partners Provide Additional USD20 Million to Protect Endangered Habitats)

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