EU aid chief hails Somali leader's efforts promoting peace

European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid Louis Michel lauded the Somali leadership for the steps that it has undertaken towards achieving peace and stability in the African nation. “I welcome and fully support the efforts of Prime Minister Nur Adde. His government has introduced a new and significant positive dynamic in the Somali political process. He has shown his commitment to an inclusive dialogue with the opposition, civil society, the diaspora and all stakeholders inside and outside Somalia. He is determined to make inter-Somali reconciliation a reality on the ground,” Michel said. “I am very pleased that the Prime Minister has given me his personal commitment to develop a road map for the Transitional period to include a constitution, census and elections. This action has my full support.” Under the European Union country strategy for Somalia, the bloc will channel over EUR254 million (USD370 million) to support development efforts in the African state between 2008 and 2013. (Press Release: Commissioner Louis Michel praises Somali Prime Minister’s commitment towards peace and stability/European Union)

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