EU studies sanctions against Eritrea over food aid peddling

The European Commission may ask Eritrea to refund $3 million, the value of food aid that the government sold to finance its cash-for-work program. Geert Heikens, the commission’s ambassador to Eritrea, said his office tried to discuss the issue with authorities but to no avail. “I am sending already endless letters since May to the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Labour and Human Welfare. Every moment I see them I ask them - but they don’t react. So we are now indeed in discussion with Brussels about what measures we can take,” Heikens disclosed. The ambassador ascribed the lack of transparency to the kind of political system Eritrea has. He said: “I think it is inherent in the political system we have here in Eritrea. It is not a democracy. It is far from a democracy. You can say it’s a dictatorship under the presidency of President Isaias (Afewerki).”

Source: EU mulls action against Eritrea (BBC)

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