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Carleene Dei (right), director of the U.S. Agency for International Development's mission in Haiti, looks at crops grown as part of USAID's Watershed Initiative for National Natural Environmental Resources program. Photo by: Kendra Helmer / USAID

If you’ve heard the U.S. Agency for International Development wasn’t hiring, think again. The prime U.S. aid agency is constantly hiring civil service officers, and it is increasingly looking for contract officers and experts in finance and accounting.

And that’s not even counting the internship and consulting opportunities that may arise through the agency or one of its many partners in Washington and around the world.

True, USAID is not for everyone.

“AID is not the best place to start out your career, with some exceptions, but it’s a great place to migrate to once you’ve been working overseas in development work and demonstrated that this is the type of work you want to do,” says Richard Byess, a former Peace Corps volunteer and foreign service officer who now serves as senior program advisor in USAID’s Office of Military Affairs. “Joining USAID is a career commitment.”

And few have regretted this career move.

So, want to know what makes an ideal USAID candidate and what your chances of joining the agency are if you haven’t worked in the developing world or have worked exclusively in the private sector? Unsure whether you really need that master’s degree to participate in the foreign service, and how long the application and clearance process really takes?

Check out the fourth installment in the popular Devex Career Webinar Series – a 1-hour webinar entitled “Ask the Recruiter: Jobs with USAID” recorded March 23 before a live online audience. It features a presentation by Creighton Lee, outreach & marketing coordinator in USAID’s Office of Human Resources, as well as a question & answer session with Lee and Byess responding to questions submitted live by Devex webinar participants.

>> Watch the full “Ask the Recruiter: Jobs with USAID” webinar 

This webinar covers frequently asked questions burning in many job seekers’ minds, including:

  • Current USAID hiring trends and needs.

  • Application procedures.

  • Tips for personal services contractors, especially overseas.

  • Foreign service career tracks.

  • Assignment process for FSOs around the world.

  • Civil service career tracks.

  • Common graduate degrees sought in USAID job applicants.

  • How to get the overseas work experience expected from most USAIDapplicants.

  • Citizenship requirements and applicants with multiple citizenship.

  • Process for receiving medical and security clearances.

  • Age restrictions and information for applicants with disabilities.

  • Health, housing, education, retirement and other job benefits.

  • Summer and volunteer internships and fellowships.

Check out these two excerpts from the webinar:

For more information, watch a recording of the entire USAID career webinar.

The fifth installment in our Devex Career Webinar Series, scheduled for May 4, will focus on jobs with UNICEF and the U.N. system at large. Sign up now for “Ask the Recruiter: Jobs with UNICEF”!

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