Ford Foundation Boosts Rural, Indigenous Peoples’ Voice in Climate Change Response

    Indigenous people, like this tribe from Mexico, will benefit from the USD85 million grant by the Ford Foundation to help them gain a stronger voice in addressing climate change issues. Photo by: mailemae59 / CC BY-NC mailemae59CC BY-NC

    The Ford Foundation will provide USD85 million over five years to help give low-income individuals in several rural regions around the world a stronger voice in the global effort to address climate change.

    The grant will benefit rural and indigenous peoples in Brazil, China, Eastern Africa, Central America, Mexico and India. It will support an initiative aimed at developing the advocacy skills of community leaders, promoting public investments that benefit rural communities and ensuring that international climate change programs address the needs of rural and indigenous communities, among other related goals.

    “This work heralds a new way of thinking about natural resources and sustainable development,” Ford Foundation President Luis Ubiñas said according to Philanthropy News Digest. “It unlocks the potential for people, especially rural and indigenous communities, to be a part of the solution.”

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