Foundation development 0.1

    Yes! its my consultant to be on the way on its development.0.1 still foundation still long to go… want to copy? go ahead…eems like going to be a book too about process of starting my consultant business :D happy my friend?why I am not afraid to be copied? yielding right hehe and I am to give all. And I believe this era is shifting from knowledge as power to wisdom or ability to use knowledge as power. May God gives all of us wisdom.I was doing vision n mission and objectives first before name. It took me one night one day to think of vision and mission…why? coz its going to give direction to the whole system of the organization.for me and us to see in 15-25 years for this consultant?[Vision Statement]: To be most accountable, effective and efficient network and management consultant that bless the nationscomment: - I see in 5 years from independent consultant, it becomes stable network and management consultant office with best consultants- I see in 10-15 years it become most accountable, then effective then efficient network and management consultant- I see in 15-25 years it become a model liason and management consultancy that is replicable (franchise?) in many places with its 20% profit n resources used to help underpriviledged organizations like grassroot NGOswhy this consultant exist?[Mission Statement]: Optimizing organization's capacity through management reconstruction and strategic partnership[Objectives]:1. to have most comprehensive uptodate database of network in private, public, and government sectors and Knowledge management database in website (free access for everyone)2. to be most accountable, effective, efficient liason consultant or facilitator for client's organization in its strategic alliance planning and implementation3. to have most accountable, effective and efficient pool of management consultants in both private and public enterprises, who grow in expertise and attitude4. to have most comprehensive network with other accountable and capable consultants in different sectors (like law, training, finance, accounting, HR, etc..) for possible partnership or reference to client

    5. to be model of replicable liason and management consultant that use 20% of its resources and profit to help the underpriviledged organizations (poor/grass root NGOs), as to be self sustained organizations in strategic partnership and management. From here will brainstorm about lots of things at rules and regulations for clients have to be accountable too…bla bla bla criterias, then strategic planning, program actions, and break down to activities…program flow, performance indicators, target, operational system, monitoring ane evaluation framework, workplan, timeline, resources needed, fees as of pricing policy, operational cost, database needed, knowledge management, then step by step planthen do the step 1, then 2…..but next thing I will do is to buid the key result areas of the objectives stated above. Mind you that this still can be changed or clarified.My first first step as independent consultant? [What consultancy I want to give?] I have thought about - process mapping and give recommendation to enhance process- create monitoring and evaluation framework and tools- Strategic planning and direction of focus and what to do in order to move forward in positive reconstruction (desired outcome and impact). - Advice, guidance, and work plans- a set of recommendations for how to solve particular problems along with estimated resources, time frame, and costs to do so in regard to Management. Refer to other expert if necessary in IT, Accounting,and so on. - Tangible work product–this may include such things as maintenance of schedules, file plans, simple reporting framework and/or forms and other tools needed to advance organizations' information management efforts.

    - Identifying functional and technical specifications for technology to be acquired - Developing integrated information management strategies for how content will be captured, stored, shared, and managed - I love and I am doing role as a "mentor" or advisor for organization's internal staffs do most work themselves. (Medium Organizations with internal staffs that have capacity)x I dont want to do validation of internally developed opinions or approaches. hm hm I am thinking I have to define project with client upfront with the scope of work determined.ok why is the name LIME? this will be part of my organization's history hehe fun huh? its from L & M –> Liason and Managementthen hm…what is suitable or close to L&M so LIME because I was thinking

    • It's like that I thought accountability is sour but good for long term.

    • life too with lime sometimes we complain but we can make lemonade

    • and lime can preserve and make fish taste good not fishy and taste good (marinade) :D

    [what do I do now?]I am helping Kingdom Business Community to develop consultant/mentor development program, still at program formulation stage. I am reviewing articles and book about starting business from Zero and management consultant thingies. want the list? Alright here you go:

    - COUTU, D. (2009) What can coaches do for you?(HBR Research Report). Harvard Business Review, 87.- GABLE, J. (2007) Eight tips for working with a consultant: top consultants offer suggestions for identifying, hiring, and working with consultants to produce a successful experience and end result for all involved. Information Management Journal, 41.- SAREMI, M., MOUSAVI, S. F. & SANAYEI, A. (2009) TQM consultant selection in SMEs with TOPSIS under fuzzy environment. Expert Systems with Applications, 36, 2742-2749.- SUHARNO, BAMBANG (2008) Langkah Jitu Memulai Bisinis dari NolOk that's it for today. I am going to read fun books now or watch movie hm… :D