From Descartes to U®

      U® aims to undo some of the negative by-products of the enlightment. René Descartes formulated “I think so I am”. U® carries the motto “You are my friend, so we exist”. While Descarte’s statement symbolizes the enlightment providing space for reason, U® addresses that the importance of relationship may have been lost in the process. Not only are workers replaced by machines. Also producers are distanced from consumers, carving out the relational aspect that traditionally was part and parcel of the market place

      Professionals that have given shape to U® are members of ¥OURWORLD. This professional network has been initiated by development professionals to counter balance the dominance of institutional relationships in addressing global development challenges. It provides an alternative to some unhealthy vertical representation modalities introducing qualitative horizontal relationships where everyone is accountable to everyone.

      U® seeks to qualify the space dimension of civil society in each context and helps translating them into considerations for policy or advocacy purpose. The further development of the label will be taken up by ¥OURWORLD. It’s success will largely depend on the willingness to join hands in this effort and on the longer term it will depend on the willingness to comply.