German official favors Togo debt relief

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, one of Germany’s highest-ranking officials, called for debt aid to Togo and voiced his staunch commitment in bracing the country’s democratic reform agenda. His statements backed the World Bank’s request to clear Togo of its USD135 million debt, following the successful conduct of multi-party elections late last year. Aid flow to Togo halted in 1993 due to decades of strong-arm rule and a spotty democratic record. “If there is confidence that the direction of reforms will be maintained, I think Togo can be confident there will be a willingness to help. We can give a greater financial margin of maneuver to keep up the reform work,” said the vice-chancellor. “We think that after the elections in October, Togo is on the best possible path.”

Source: Germany urges debt relief for Togo to back reforms (Reuters)

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