Global Fund Underscores Funding Needs Before October Pledges

Women in Gambia queuing to collect their bed nets. The Global Fund said it needs at least USD17 million in its fight AIDS, malaria and tubeculosis. Photo by: John Rae / The Global Fund

The Global Fund to Fight HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis estimates it would need USD17 billion to USD20 billion to continue its mission to the developing world over the next three years. Donors to the fund will make their pledges for 2011-2013 this October.

Global Fund Executive Director Michel Kazatchkine expressed optimism in meeting MDG targets.  “Every dollar contributed to the Global Fund goes to fund programs in countries,” he said. “If donors provide sufficient resources, by 2015 we could virtually eliminate transmission of HIV from mother to child, dramatically reduce deaths from AIDS and prevent new HIV infections, and achieve significant declines in tuberculosis prevalence and mortality.”

The fund, a public and private sector partnership, has disbursed USD10 billion to more than 500 grants. It provides 20 percent of foreign aid for HIV/AIDS programs, 63 percent of global funding to fight against tuberculosis and 60 percent for that of malaria.

Global Fund added that 2.8 million HIV-infected people have received life-saving anti-retroviral medicines and 7 million new cases of tuberculosis were detected and treated. A total of 122 million insecticide-treated bed nets have been delivered. All initiatives, the group said, have saved 5.7 million lives.

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