Globaldev careers: The youth advocate

Emmanuel Ametepey, executive director of Youth Advocates Ghana, at the 2nd African Youth SDGs Summit in November 2018. Photo by: Emmanuel Ametepey via Facebook

GABARONE, Botswana — As a teacher, Emmanuel Ametepey was continually exposed to the various challenges faced by children in Ghana. This led him to start thinking about the best way of addressing these challenges.

“It inspired me to look beyond the classroom and begin to think about how do we holistically approach the challenges that children and young people face in Ghana,” he said.

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  • Rumbi Chakamba

    Rumbi Chakamba is an Associate Editor at Devex based in Botswana, who has worked with regional and international publications including News Deeply, The Zambezian, Outriders Network, and Global Sisters Report. She holds a bachelor's degree in international relations from the University of South Africa.