Got an Idea to Raise $1 Billion to Fight Poverty?

    What is the easiest, most practical way to raise $1 billion?

    If you have a fresh take to this question, Mensa Process is inviting you to join their global online brainstorming session.

    Mensa Process, a consulting firm that has an exclusive partnership with the international organization Mensa, has recently launched their inaugural Idea Aid challenge. People from all walks of life around the world are invited to come up with innovative fundraising models that would help their clients address some of the world's most pressing issues. A combination of high intelligence and creative thinking, the group said, would go a long way in addressing underfunded global issues such as poverty.

    So, the challenge is: Come up with innovative ideas on how to raise $1 billion annually to support proven solutions that will address global poverty.

    For the pilot run of the project, Mensa Process has teamed up with Heifer International as its first nonprofit partner. Heifer International is a U.S.-based development nonprofit that aims to address global hunger and poverty. Heifer will reward the top five ideas submitted during the week-long online brainstorming. The group also plans to share the accumulated ideas with other organizations so that they too may benefit.

    There are no restrictions as to who may join or what kind of ideas may be submitted. But Heifer International and Mensa Process are asking interested participants to make their ideas as easy, fun and convenient as possible. Ideal proposals should be quick, compelling, meaningful and connect people. Furthermore, the ideas should be provide a way of recording transactions as well as offer immediate rewards, no matter how small.

    Got an idea? Join the Idea Aid online brainstorming session. But do hurry up, the Nov. 21 deadline is approaching fast.

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    • Ivy Mungcal

      As former senior staff writer, Ivy Mungcal contributed to several Devex publications. Her focus is on breaking news, and in particular on global aid reform and trends in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Americas. Before joining Devex in 2009, Ivy produced specialized content for U.S. and U.K.-based business websites.