Governance is good or bad but no-governance is also governance that does not respect any law. It is not the wish but it is whim of those who are supposed to govern.

      My experience of governance tells me and I want to share with you that governance is like caring, but has been translated as daring by those who believe that kings make no mistakes. While it is a fact that kings do not make mistakes since some one has to make a final decision. This decision has to be made with good intent and decision made with good intent has always a happy end.

      But if the intent is bad, a seed of discord is sown and it continues to grow till an individual, a nation, a country or the world harvests bitter fruit. Take example of natural resources. I will make mention of two: Forest and oil. We know that oil is product of forest. We burn forest or burn oil, both pollute our environment. But their consumption is must for life and in order to make life worth living we must make conservative use of both. Now who is to govern these, since environment does not have boundaries. 

      Same case is with water. Governance of water is more critical because as we continue to pollute water, fresh water continues to deplete and burgeoning population increases demand, how are we going to govern water use. It falls within individuals' domain and we must ensure that every citizen of world is responsive to conservative use of water. How to decrease contamination leads to water recycling. Think. Why to recycle at all. Why not control use of chemical getting in safe water and why to waste water is excess uses. Social mobilization becomes necessary.

      If there is no governance, something is going to happen …………. more