Nearly three months after the catastrophic earthquake which devastated Haiti, its Government has issued a call, backed by UNICEF, for the children of the Caribbean nation to go back to school. The appeal for children to resume their education in the wake of the Jan. 12 disaster will begin the process of sending 700,000 children back to school in the next two months, with the number expected to jump when the new academic year begins in September. The Government said that the current school term will be extended until August to give children time to catch up on months of learning lost following the quake. UNICEF said in a news update that some 38,000 students and 1,300 teachers and other education personnel lost their lives in the quake, which also destroyed more than 4,000 schools as well as the Ministry of Education’s headquarters. Nearly 3 million students are believed to have had their schooling disrupted or halted altogether. (U.N. News Service)

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