Haiti Donor Money in Single Fund - Washington Post

Donors pledging aid for quake-devastated Haiti should pool their resources into a single fund for more efficient disbursement and less risk of misuse, the Washington Post said in an editorial.

Citing the magnitude of international aid pledges for relief and reconstruction, the newspaper called on donors to replicate a “multi-donor trust fund” that gathered about USD1 billion for tsunami-struck Aceh, Indonesia in 2004.

“The trust fund could hold donors’ feet to the fire to make them meet their funding commitments; act as the main international coordinator for projects with Haiti’s government; ensure transparency and accountability once the projects are underway; and monitor results,” the Washington Post said. “Rebuilding Haiti will be a long-term enterprise.”

A coordinated release of funds from a single pooled source may be best for Haiti, the newspaper said as it referred to Haiti’s already brittle institutions rendered even more fragile by the Jan. 12 quake.

The newspaper said some 85 percent of the USD2 billion international aid for Haiti “has been earmarked or promised but not yet delivered or disbursed.” Earlier estimates placed the total reconstruction cost to exceed USD10 billion.

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