'High time to go from words to acts' on business and development

    Although the aid community insists that private sector engagement is the future of development, the businesses themselves don’t see themselves participating in the discussion over their role as much as they would like to.

    “It’s high time to go from words to acts,” Jan Noterdaeme, senior adviser for external relations at CSR Europe, said in an interview with Devex Partner and Global Head for Membership and Alliances Alan Robbins at the European Development Days in Brussels.

    Noterdaeme compared the current situation, in his opinion, to tantamount to watching UEFA Champions League football but paying more attention to the coaches and the people responsible for the stadiums and their security — rather than the players.

    “It would be extremely exciting if more companies could participate in the debate based on their experience, failures and successes,” he said.

    Click on the above video for more insights from Noterdaeme about why the European Union should create a new platform for business and development that would serve for sharing best practices, act as a marketplace, and spark policy discussions.

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