How Mexico carries out development cooperation

    Although a relatively young donor, Mexico is not new to international cooperation. The country, according to its top aid official, was involved in spreading the Green Revolution.

    Speaking with Devex President and Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar at the European Development Days in Brussels, Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation Director-General Bruno Figueroa noted that the Green Revolution actually started in Mexico in the 1940s. His country later on provided experts to countries in Africa, Asia and South America which benefited from the program.

    And knowledge sharing continues to be central to Mexican development cooperation, mostly through multilateral development banks and U.N. agencies.

    Figueroa said: “We do not provide ODA; what we do is cooperation. … We do provide capacity building. So this is not much financial transfer such as what is being done by traditional donors.”

    Click the above video for more of our interview with the AMEXCID chief where he discussed Mexican development cooperation priorities and the goal of the first high-level meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation to be held April 15-16 in Mexico City.

    Devex was at the European Development Days 2013. Check out our coverage of Europe’s leading global development event of the year.

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