How storytelling creates collaboration and why philanthropy needs to be democratized

Global Impact’s Ann Canela on storytelling and collaboration among aid organizations. via Devex YouTube channel

How can storytelling change the way organizations cooperate and collaborate on the ground, especially in post-disaster situations?

For six aid groups at the forefront of relief and response operations in Nepal a year after the devastating earthquake hit the South Asian nation and killed over 8,000 people, working on a documentary telling their story provided a foundation for new forms of collaboration.

According to Ann Canela, vice president at Virginia-based group Global Impact, the “spirit of collaboration” in telling this story has led to a “formal collaborative function” within organizations present in Nepal.

The documentary, scheduled to premiere at Devex World next month, will also feature stories of people that are embedded in the communities, highlighting the work they undertook after the earthquake struck.

Global Impact’s Scott Jackson on innovative finance models. via Devex YouTube channel

As well as the importance of storytelling and collaboration, Global Impact President and CEO Scott Jackson told Devex about the importance of democratizing philanthropy and new financing models as an important area for discussion.

“One of my biggest passions is how you democratize philanthropy ... especially for donors who are going to start to care about the younger [generations],” he told Devex President and Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar, giving details on how his organization’s stated aims have changed over the past six years.

Find out more about Jackson and Canela’s views on philanthropy, new development finance models, storytelling, and the changing discourse about collaboration in the above exclusive video interviews.

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