How to tell your organization's story in the age of Trump

By Michael Igoe 21 April 2017

James Helm, partner at Portland Communications, speaks about how to craft a compelling communications strategy, at a time when views of global development cooperation are changing. Devex Executive members can watch the full video below.

Creating and executing an effective communications strategy for global development organizations is always complicated — but only more so in the face of a sweeping tide of nationalist rhetoric bent on discrediting international cooperation.

In the United States, President Donald Trump’s administration has put forward a budget proposal calling for drastic reductions to foreign aid spending. Aid in the United Kingdom faces similar challenges after Brexit, and at a time when citizens are quick to question how global development programs benefit them.

How should development leaders think and talk about their missions and results, at a time when public sentiment is moving in the opposite direction?

Devex spoke with James Helm, partner at Portland Communications and former spokesperson at the U.K. Department for International Development, about some of the ways organizations and their leaders can help bridge the gaps between powerful missions and public perceptions.

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Michael Igoe is a senior correspondent for Devex. Based in Washington, D.C., he covers U.S. foreign aid and emerging trends in international development and humanitarian policy. Michael draws on his experience as both a journalist and international development practitioner in Central Asia to develop stories from an insider's perspective.

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