How to win over the private sector in environmental protection

IUCN's Mine Pabari shares the key to winning businesses over in the natural resources debate.

Protecting natural resources and the environment in Africa has become even more challenging over the past five years as many countries are slowly emerging from low-income status and increasingly focus on economic growth.

Slowly, though, the business case for environmental protection is making headway, International Union for Conservation of Nature Regional Program Coordinator Mine Pabari told Devex Associate Editor Richard Jones in this video interview on the sidelines of the Annual Democracy Forum 2014 co-organized by the government of Botswana and International IDEA in Gaborone, Botswana.

Pabari said a growing number of companies — most of them large multinational corporations — are starting to listen to conservation groups and showing interest in how to make their businesses more sustainable.

Watch the above clip to learn more about how organizations like IUCN are winning over the private sector, and what they are looking for — as well as avoiding — when seeking partners.

#DemocracyMatters is a three-week series exploring the intersection of democracy, development and natural resources management in partnership with International IDEA, the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

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