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“Find a place where your passion meets your profession.” -Erin Mote, Chief of Party, USAID Global Broadband and Innovations Alliance

In recent years, the concepts of philanthropy, giving, and volunteerism have started transforming. The upcoming generation is blurring the line between work, social, and service. They are embracing this concept of philanthropy as life. Through their work and their social activities, they want to promote impact.

The international development sector (whether as an NGO or governmental entity) needs to capture this energy. There is a mass exodus of human capital in this sector. Talented individuals do not feel engaged nor utilized in these positions.

There is no incentive, no personal/professional satisfaction for young professionals to apply their skills to international development. They move on to invest their talents in other opportunities. It is time to learn from the corporate sector to nurture, challenge, and utilize these rising leaders.

Erin Mote, USAID, reported that 30% of Harvard University graduates started a social enterprise while in school. How can we position this talent and not just stifle it within our organizational/corporate structures?

A few tips recommended by the panel to ignite the passion of these up and coming leaders:

  • - Take risks. Don’t be afraid to take initiate and to listen to new ideas.

  • - Provide (and get) in-country experience.

  • - Promote partnership development.

  • - Provide mentors. Find an evolution of people that guide you throughout your career.

  • - Stay focused on impact. Be good listeners. Be good collaborators.

Not everyone needs to start their own initiative….individuals can drive entrepreneurial change within their own organizations. Liz Maw, Net Impact, coins the term “intrepreneurship” – working within to achieve results throughout.

Other organizations to watch, effectively engaging this rising talent:

  • - Face Aids

  • - Global Health Corps

  • - Atlas Corps

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