In Cancun: A Trio of Climate Treaties?

Cancun, Mexico, will host the next climate change summit, which is slated in November 2010.

A global consensus toward climate change solutions could lead to three binding instruments, according to Mexico’s climate change envoy.

“One instrument will cover (parties to the) Kyoto Protocol but it is also possible to have something for the U.S. and a third one for developing countries,” Luis Alfonso de Alba said during a United Nations climate meeting in Bonn. 

The European Union said it would be willing to consider the idea of having more than one climate change treaty to bridge the gap between developing and developed countries.

Alba expressed frustration over the events during first two days of the Bonn conference, as delegates delved too much on the negotiating process rather than the main issues, Reuters reports.

“Groups have now picked up speed but they need to concentrate on the substance and identify the main issues so we can build a comprehensive package of decisions at Cancun,” Alba said.

The Copenhagen summit in December 2009 failed to establish a binding agreement on addressing climate change, compelling around 190 nations to return to the negotiating table this November.

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