India plans to start trading energy efficiency credits, which could curb carbon-dioxide emissions growth and develop into a 740 billion rupee (USD 16 billion) market by 2015, a government official said. The country is setting up a system that will assign targets for businesses to improve energy efficiency, allowing companies that exceed the goals to earn credits for their savings and sell them to those that don't, Bureau of Energy Efficiency director-general Ajay Mathur, said. India, the fourth-largest emitter of gases blamed for global warming, plans to cut its carbon intensity, or the amount of carbon dioxide released per unit of GDP, by as much as 25 percent from 2005 levels by 2020. The government expects to set efficiency targets for companies by the end of March and is talking with Indian Energy Exchange Ltd. and Power Exchange India Ltd., the country's two power exchanges, to set up trading protocols, Mathur said. (Bloomberg)

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