Indian Billionaires Urged to Follow Bill Gates’ Philanthropic Lead

It’s time for India’s billionaires to do their share in helping to eradicate human suffering around the world, D Balasubramanian writes.

The director of the L V Prasad Eye Institute in Andra Pradesh pegs his argument on reported plans by U.S. billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to expand their Giving Pledge initiative to billionaires in India and China.

“Indeed none of the top ten super-rich billionaires of India have given any substantial amount towards any charity or for human welfare the way Buffet or Gates has,” Balasubramanian writes in an opinion piece published on the Hindu.

He adds that while several Indians have initiated charities, foundations and other philanthropic engagements in the health, water and education sectors, none of the “top super-rich” have done so.

“Now then is the turn for the Indian billionaires. Open Foundations like the Rockefeller, Keck, Hughes and Champalimaud, and help support science to eradicate human suffering,” he says.

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