Initiative to address water problems launched

    Several international organizations have pronounced a donation worth USD15 million in a joint effort to help solve fresh water inaccessibility and supply shortages in the world’s poorest countries. The Global Water Initiative seeks to aid the water-starved countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Mali, Nicaragua, Niger, and Senegal. “This partnership comes at a critical time, when climate change threatens to reduce water availability in many parts of the world where people already struggle to access adequate supplies,” said Camilla Toulmin, director of International Institute for Environment and Development, one of the organizations participating in the initiative. “The organizations involved all have different strengths which, when combined and employed in partnership with local organizations and government agencies, will help to improve the management of water resources for millions of people,” she added. The GWI initiative brings together a collection of international organizations including Action Against Hunger-USA, CARE, Catholic Relief Services, The World Conservation Union, Oxfam America, SOS Sahel - UK and IIED.

    Source: Declining fresh water in poor nations worry donors (Xinhua News Agency)

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