International Financial Institutions

Major donors on March 15 gathered in Santo Domingo to evaluate how much they have to contribute to reconstruct Haiti. Delegates representing at least 20 donors were to hear assessment reports from both an international inspection team and the government of the Caribbean island state. The donor countries and regions are expected to present their conclusion at a Haiti reconstruction summit, which will be hosted by the UN on March 31 in New York, Xinhua reports. Haitian Chamber of Commerce President Reginald Boulos says he told the prime minister and international financiers that the private sector’s earthquake losses alone totaled more than $2 billion. Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive said the government’s first and major challenge was to house the more than 1 million now-homeless Haitians, the WSJ writes. He said the earthquake had also destroyed the Haitian government’s finances and as a result the state was unable to pay many public employees. Bellerive made a plea for Haiti’s international donors, who for the most part donate money through NGOs to help the government directly finance itself. “We can only address about 20 percent of the government’s needs now,” he said.

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