InvisibleCivilians: humanitarian access in Yemen's Forgotten War - HRW

Since June 2004 an armed conflict in northern Yemen all but ignored outside the country has displaced up to 130,000 people, a great many of whom remained out of the reach of humanitarian agencies as of October 2008. Caught between the government and an armed group known as the Huthis, these displaced civilians are among the invisible victims of war, Human Rights Watch (HRW) says in a new report. Particularly since 2007, when international aid agencies sought to reach all parts of the northern Sada governorate, Yemeni authorities have severely restricted humanitarian access to tens of thousands of civilians in need, says the report, " Invisible Civilians: The challenge of humanitarian access in Yemen's Forgotten War.". After a fifth round of fighting erupted in May 2008, the government blocked the movement of all commercial goods, including staple foods and fuel, an act that appears to constitute an illegal collective punishment. The Huthi rebels have also failed to facilitate humanitarian access to areas under their control, according to HRW.

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