I am no economic guru or a pundit, I only know that 2 plus 2 equals to 4 and if earnings is 50 then expenditure  cannot be 100 if it is even 55 then there is something wrong either with the planning or with those who are squandering it.  There has to be a logical balance between the two. Everyday we read or learn from the news channels Pakistan’s GDP is 2%. Whereas in 2006 -2007 our GDP was 5.78% was it true or another fudging of figures, to which we are famous for? Income support programs will eliminate the poverty; so many funds have been allocated to provide clean drinking water to masses blah blah! Yet every day cost of living is running a 1000 meter race to eliminate the poor, poverty is on increase and soon only the rich will reign and enjoy it all. A decade or so back a millionaire was respected then came the billionaire era and today it is trillionaires are worthy of respect.

      Pakistan’s financial wizards and economic pundits have been singing this music for a long time; some have even gone to an extent of predicting this downfall with PPPP. They seem to be proven accurate in their forecast?

      We now need a much bigger begging bowl as the old one was broken and the one we have now in our hands seems to be magical no matter what you put in just vanishes.

      A country has to be self sufficient in either agricultural field, its industry wheels moving at full speed or their commerce are strong enough to with stand all odds. As all these factors are the true indicators of the country’s economic growth or well being. Today it seems that what was said in the Indian parliament in 70’s has or about to be achieved they said cripple Pakistan at all level’s. Agriculture, Industry, trade & commerce they have gone a step further by eliminating Pakistan from the sports arena. Yet our leaders still peg their hopes on improved relations with India will resolve all our troubles. Why just India why not Israel as well.

      The increase in power tariff as per the World Bank conditionality for another tranche of loan is on the behest of these two countries. Can anyone imagine our dilemma on one side we do not have the power to run our industry nor can we operate our water turbines to water our crop fields yet the tariff is been increased every day to foot the bills of our extravagant rulers. Our other misery is that our loving neighbor is stealing our share of water and whenever we shout hi neighbor release my water or I will go to the court to get justice. Our neighbor sends us a sugar coated melody come let us discuss. We dress up in our best attire walk up to his door the moment we step- in, he presents us with his own agenda.  What a loving neighbor we have on our eastern front?

      Today the best mode of war is not weapons but fight your enemy with economic destruction. This is the most cost effective way to win a war.

      On the western front we have been embroiled in an unending war a bulk of our budget just goes up in smoke, yet we are asked to do more. NO MORE. UNCLE SAMMY. You created this frankstein monster to achieve your ulterior motives, once they were achieved you brushed off your hands and walked away leaving this evil unchained and just look at it what havoc this has caused. Trillions of dollars are going up in smoke if you wanted to experiment with your new toys of destruction was it necessary to have so many innocent souls killed?  Be it Christians, Jews or Muslims the blood running on the ground is red in colour

      Wake up Pakistanis wake up from your slumber save your country before it is too late. Today the rulers are pocketing all they can their hands upon none is challenging what is aired daily on the TV channels, what this indicates is?

      I just read an article by James Gibson a known writer what he has stated is reproduced for the readers knowledge:

      Entropy — Why the World as We Know It Is Dying

      The concept of entropy is one of the most useful terms for understanding just about everything. While it has its origins in natural law — thermodynamics, specifically — the concept holds true pretty much across all closed systems. In the simplest of terms, every closed system will ultimately degrade toward a state of maximum entropy. I’ll use the current political system of the U.S. as a convenient example. When American democracy was first shoved out of the nest by the founding fathers, it was new, fresh, and energetic. It took the world’s breath away at its boldness and unlimited promise, and set the wheels turning on tangible change across much of the world. Before the ink dried on the Constitution, however, the degradation began. From the beginning, the country’s political operations fell into the hands of a strictly limited number of parties, which quickly coalesced into just two. Since then, they have essentially shared power, with only minor differences in policies between the two. Simply, absent a disruptive external force, the closed political system quickly matured into an institutionalized “sameness” that all but assures no serious challenges — leading, ultimately, to the certainty it will degrade to only a shell of its former self.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was, perhaps, because of his own understanding of natural law that Thomas Jefferson was heard to remark, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” That doesn’t mean I am advocating revolution — just pointing out the fact that any closed system, no matter how well constructed, will degrade. To expect the United States of America to avoid this fate is to expect the impossible.