A U.S. State Department representative believes it is premature to label the present bloodletting in Kenya as ‘ethnic cleansing,’ hence the Bush administration will not order a major aid cutback. “Very clearly, there is a very serious situation, if not crisis, with respect to people being displaced in Kenya,” said State Department spokesperson Sean McCormack. “There may be examples of people being forced from certain areas by groups, being specifically identified to be moved out of certain areas. That’s a source of real concern for us, we’re watching it very closely,” added the diplomat. Washington has earmarked USD481 million in humanitarian assistance for Kenya, with the bulk of the funding going to HIV/AIDS projects. McCormack’s comments is a rebuttal to assistant secretary of state Jendayi Frazer’s statement, tagging the ongoing violence as ‘ethnic cleansing.’ When asked if he was refuting Frazer’s statement, the official only remarked: “She said what she said, I am going to stick to what I said.”

Source: US: Kenya Aid Unlikely to Be Cut Much (AP)

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