Leader Profile: Gandham N V Ramana, Senior Public Health Specialist, World Bank

The country offices of the World Bank provide in-country support to the Bank’s work around the world. Gandham Ramana works in the World Bank’s India office.

The World Bank’s India office provides vital local knowledge to the work of the Bank in the vast country. The India office focuses on reducing poverty through improving human development, and in decentralizing the economy and public administration. Key challenges are in the fields of health and education. Gandham Ramana’s work centers on public health relating to India.

There has been little progress in social indicators relating to health in India over the past decade, and figures may not reflect the full extent of disease infection among poorer groups compared to richer sectors of society. "The true difference is probably greater, since poor households tend to under-report illnesses", said Gandham. Leprosy, tuberculosis, blindness are just some of the areas being addressed by World Bank projects. Ensuring that food and medicines are safe are also part of the side of the World Bank’s work.

Gandham Ramana joined the World Bank in 1998. Prior to the World Bank, Gandham was a Faculty Member at the Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad. He currently heads three World Bank projects relating to public health in various states, with focus on immunization, reproductive health and development of cohesive health systems at state level. He is also a core member of Sector work team, which assessed the public private roles in health care, and played active role in development of new immunization strengthening project.

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