Long Story Short #33: The battle over European aid

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Guest: Vince Chadwick, Devex reporter
Host: Kate Midden, Devex engagement editor

The European Commission and European Investment Bank are both vying for control over the bloc's aid spending — each saying it’s best positioned to oversee coordination of guarantee instruments by European development institutions.

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In this episode, Brussels correspondent Vince Chadwick and engagement editor Kate Midden discuss the origins of the power struggle, how the battle over EU aid has played out, and what it means for the future of lending in the region.

Note: In this episode we refer to a “wise persons” group, initially due to issue recommendations on Europe’s development architecture to EU heads of state in Dec. 2018. Since recording, we learned the group, whose members are yet to be finalized, is now expected to present proposals for consideration by leaders in March 2019.

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