In the last few years, our world has witnessed consecutive natural disasters of tragic proportions.  Regardless of the kind of disaster – earthquake, tsunami or hurricane – one thing was certain, millions of families were left homeless.  Barely into the new year of 2010, another calamity struck; a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. Here is a country that is already trembling with the shocks of poverty and inequality so it was incomprehensible that it be unjustly shocked again by a destructive earthquake.   

    And while numerous nations of the world have been pouring all kinds of resources to assist Haitians affected by the earthquake, MADDEL International has made a decisive move to provide displaced families with durable, hurricane resistant transitional shelters as recognized by the Haiti Shelter Cluster. 

    MADDEL has designed a new polypropylene transitional shelter that specifically addresses the needs of the millions of families displaced by the earthquake.  The MADDEL MARK V Shelter is insulated and weather resistant to protect families from external and extreme elements like rain and wind.  So these families have the security and peace of mind that their transitional homes will protect them through the night, every night.  

    The Mark V is also easily erectable by unskilled labor so displaced families need not rely on the services of skilled laborers to assemble their temporary homes.  Given this, the Mark V Shelters can also easily be relocated.  Should families need to relocate to another site, they can easily pack up, move and re-assemble the shelter.  

    The most groundbreaking feature of this product would be its transformability.  While largely considered a transitional shelter, the Mark V may actually be transformed into a real home for families to rebuild their lives in.   By cladding the structure with locally procured and culturally sensitive materials, the Mark V can be a lightweight yet durable alternative replacement to a family’s lost home.  

    MADDEL believes that a family need not wait months or even years before they can begin to rebuild their lives.  By providing easy to use technology such as the Mark V, MADDEL presents itself as a partner for any displaced family as they rise from the ashes and retake control of their own lives one day at a time.