Master Certified Health Education Specialist Ready To Work!

    Developing curriculum is a lot more than thinking about a topic, creating an outline of the topic and then delivering it to the intended audience.  Well, unless you have no expectations for sustainability and true commitment to your project or respect for those on the receiving end of the knowledge – but I digress…to me, curriculum design requires a needs assessment and deep thinking about the target audience and their learning abilities/styles.   You need to understand the ways in which your audience receives, interprets and then utilizes knowledge.    After which you can create something that can be specific to your learner.  Along the way, you also have to think about how you are going to integrate this knowledge, measure how it is being absorbed and understood by your audience.   

    Most people who design a curriculum do so because they want to make some sort of impact on their learners.  Planning for evaluation and monitoring of our intended educational outcomes needs to happen at the moment you come up with your concept.   Otherwise you may come up with a variety of very fun activities…that have absolutely nothing to do with what you are trying to get across in the first place.  

    Hi.  My name is Nancy Clifton-Hawkins.   I own a one woman public health consulting shop called, Clifton-Hawkins and Associates.  I am a Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES) – which means I can do anything from community assessments, program planning, training design to train-the-trainer, curriculum/health education material design, to policy development/analysis and of course monitoring and evaluation.   I love what I do.   I am also on faculty at the University of Phoenix where I conduct classes on curriculum design for nurses pursing a degree as a Nurse Educator.   I teach in both the on-ground and on-line teaching modalities.  I possess a strong background in Adult Learning Theory (Andragogy) and have delivered content, in the same class, for learners across the spectrum (kinesthetic learners to visual to verbal and combination learners).  Among my specialties is curriculum design; especially the interpretation of expert materials content into practical and replicable educational designs to be utilized along the age and professional spectrum.   I am a think-outside-of-the-box type of professional and while I utilize best practice, do not allow it to confine me in ways that prevents me from delivering knowledge to my targeted audiences.   When designing curriculum for a client, I often walk in their shoes, learn about their needs, challenges, and opportunities before I even begin to construct a plan.  Bottom line is, if we want to improve the lives of our learners, then we better be darn sure that we have an educational component that can deliver knowledge, change attitudes/beliefs of our learners to ultimately change their behavior into one that promotes health.   You do this by starting where your client and learners are standing. 

    As a business owner and a MCHES, it is a daily practice to manage multiple projects, co-collaborators, and clients as a way to stay on deadline.   I work well in person but can also work remotely and handle conference calls and deliverables miles and even countries away via phone, Skype and email.  I have been in the Peace Corps (I speak Thai), worked at the local public health department, and have had my own business since 2001.   I am a people person and work well in situations where I am the minority.   I find balance in my life between work by playing taiko drums and participating in open water swims.  

    I am creative but not aloof.   I produce professional quality work and I work well with a team, team drama, and ambiguity.   I would like to be considered for any curriculum consultant (or training/health education) positions you might have.   

    Be sure to check out my CV’s on my profile.    I welcome any and all inquiries.   Thank you for your time.


    Nancy Clifton-Hawkins