MCC CEO talks about Philippines' compact eligibility

In his new blog, Ambassador John J. Danilovich discussed the decision of the Millennium Challenge Corporation to add the Philippines to its list of countries that stand to benefit from MCC compact funding. “The Board decided that, based on the Philippines’ continued performance on MCC’s indicators, it could now apply for funding for a large-scale poverty-reduction grant,” said Danilovich, who heads the the agency. He also emphasized the need to keep the Southeast Asian state’s policy reform agenda as transparent as possible in order for it to be effective. “Impediments to economic growth are issues that MCC takes seriously with all our partner countries, particularly corruption which receives special consideration as part of our model,” he said. “The ball is now in the Philippines’ court to develop a proposal that involves broad consultation with its people and to continue tackling those problems that stand in the way of long-term economic growth.” (Blog: Selecting the Philippines, Partnering with the Private Sector, Enhancing Communications: All in a Week?s Work at MCC - Ambassador John J. Danilovich/MCC)

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