More help for Iraqi refugees sought

    World Food Program ambassador Mahmoud Yassin urged donors to commit additional funds for the agency’s activities that serve thousands of displaced Iraqis living in Syria. “I was deeply moved to meet the families who are obviously heavily dependent on assistance. These people have lost everything. The last thing they need is for their basic food requirements to be disrupted as well,” declared the Egyptian actor, who visited families receiving WFP help near Damascus. The agency’s operations aim to help 155,000 people, but the funding pledges have not arrived as swiftly as hoped. “As of April, WFP has received only USD24 million out of the USD44 million it needs. If the funds don?t become available soon, the next round of food distribution may have to be postponed,” WFP Syria country director Pippa Bradford remarked. (Press release: WFP Ambassador Mahmoud Yassin appeals for funds for displaced Iraqis/World Food Program)

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