More tips for a graceful exit

    Devex readers chime in with more tips on how to leave a current employment on a good note. Photo by: Erin Kelly / CC BY

    Parting is never easy, even in a professional setting. And with the project-based nature of development work, goodbyes happen frequently, as experts seek to further their careers.

    In last week’s Career Matters blog post, Devex Director of Global Recruiting Services Kate Warren offers guidance on how you can quit without burning any bridges, such as giving as much heads up as possible, helping find your replacement, and convey the message that it’s not “goodbye” but “see you later.”

    Our readers also shared some advice.

    • Give a personal, handwritten note — not an email — to your supervisor, wrote Michael Philips.

    • Secure the nod of the new employer that would allow you to help your former boss with the project closeout, by working with the latter during weekends or after business hours, said Jameel Hussain, who’s engaged in a donor-funded civic engagement project in Pakistan. This way, he said, experts can maintain rapport with both organizations.  

    • After a month or two of your exit, enquire with the past employer if everything is going smoothly, according to Dipak Kumar Saha. The former employer then “would be more confident to seek any help or assistance, if needed, and one would be in the good books of other in a situation when the world is coming more closer!”

    • “Learn to leave ‘doors open,’” said Alfred Kanu, because you may need a reference from your current employer or supervisor.

    Do you have tips to add? Share them by leaving a comment below.

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