Most Canadians Favor Funding Abortions Overseas, Poll Finds

The majority of Canadians do not agree with their government’s decision not to fund abortion overseas, according to a nationwide survey.

An exclusive poll commissioned by the Quebec Media Agency found that more than six out of every 10 Canadians want the government to allocate money for safe abortions in poor countries, Toronto Sun reports.

Opinions, however, were varied, depending on location of the respondents. In Alberta, 53 percent supported the federal government’s position. It was the only Canadian province where more people agreed with the government’s decision. In Quebec, 71 percent of respondents thought Canada should fund access to safe abortions. About 68 percent of those polled in British Columbia said the same. Around 55 percent of respondents from Ontario and 61 percent of those from Atlantic Canada also supported funding abortion and abortion-related services.

“Clearly aid in developing countries is something that Quebeckers and Ontarians and a large number of other Canadians feel is important,” according to Dave Scholz, vice-president of Leger Marketing, which conducted the survey for QMI.

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