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From Washington to Rio and Benghazi, it’s been a news-making year in international development - and Devex has covered it more closely than anyone. But we’ve also provided you with the stories behind the story: the business analysis, the top-level interviews, the advice for job seekers.

Here are your most popular Devex stories of the year, based on site clicks:

Top breaking news

‘I leave DfID with great sadness’

On Tuesday (Sept. 4), the development community woke up to the news that Andrew Mitchell is no longer the United Kingdom’s international development secretary.

Top news analysis

A full plate for Africa’s finance officials

We provided a sneak peek into the largest annual gathering of public financial leaders in Africa. At the top of their agenda: how to address the region’s employment and food security challenges.

Top Pennsylvannia Avenue blog

Sequestration or not, USAID faces tough cuts

Federal agencies were preparing for sequestration: across-the-board mandatory budget cuts that would go into effect Jan. 2 if Congress didn’t come up with a way to avoid them. Here, the development community is speculating about what USAID will sacrifice if its own budget faces forced shrinkage.

Top feature

After Zoellick, World Bank faces uncertain future

The World Bank’s role as the premier lender to developing countries is under threat from a host of alternative providers of loans, investment and advice. Leading development experts discuss what the bank must do to carve out its own place in this crowded universe.

Top op-ed

Transparency and accountability: A Busan high point

UNOPS chief Jan Mattsson not only commits his agency to collect input and outcome data, but he also calls on a standardized way to do so across the board.

Top #innov8aid blog

Would you buy iTunes4Dev?

What if Apple applied an iTunes microcontribution called “iTunes4Dev” to redistribute wealth and to help alleviate poverty? Simon Wreford-Howard explains.

Top business insight

In Washington, questions linger over risks and rewards of new aid model

The U.S. Agency for International Development has made a decision to channel 30 percent of its aid through local organizations. Independent studies lend credence to the new policy; reaction in Congress, much like its makeup, is divided.

Top list story

Going green: Top 10 bilateral climate change donors in 2010-2012

The world’s major bilateral donors continue to invest in climate change programming. We ranked the most generous among them and reviewed their climate-related financial commitments and operational activities between 2010 and 2012.

Top Recruiting Insights

The challenges and opportunities of hiring locals

The importance of sourcing and managing local staff will only increase as international donors funnel increasing amounts of aid through institutions on the ground.

Top Salary Spotlight

A country program coordinator in Senegal

Program coordinators are among the most commonly hired positions in the field and at headquarters. Here’s what a country program coordinator at a grant-making foundation in Senegal may earn.

Top webinar recording

Development CVs that make a difference

How do you make your resume stand out in an increasingly competitive job market — whether you’re a recent graduate, globe-trotting consultant or senior official? Find out by watching this Devex webinar.

Top career advice article

Resume formats for international development professionals

We compiled resume templates that are commonly used by applicants to global development jobs in the United States and beyond. Check out the samples and know the pros and cons of each.

Top Career Matters blog

How to prepare for a chat with an aid recruiter

A career fair is a rare opportunity to show recruiters what you do and tell your story. Take note of these pieces of advice from Kate Warren, director of global recruiting services at Devex, on how you can leave a mark with recruiters at such an event.

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