New Beginnings

      Just joined this site, thank God I stumbled upon it. 2008 was a challenging year. Hope the new year will bring more opportunities and breakthroughs. Don't want to just survive, but to THRIVE. I'm in the middle of something legal - a study of corruption cases in Philippine lower courts, which is part of a technical assistance project funded by USAID. I hope to do more stuff like that. Also a partner in a new but creative and aggressive law firm north of Metro Manila, Philippines. I handle all sorts of cases for all sorts of clients – depends on what the lead partner assigns to me. I am passionate about social justice and reforms, sustainable development and making this world a better place to live in. Hoping to immigrate to Canada soon and call it my home for the rest of my life. But the world will be my playground and international development work will be my game. I plan to be dead serious about it.