New Online Network Helps Catalans Compete for International Business

    A new virtual networking platform helps Catalan organizations compete for procurements and other contracts within the international development field. The online platform is part of a larger effort by the Catalan government to promote the growth of the autonomous community's private sector.

    The Virtual Community in International Public Procurement, or l'Anella CPI, was unveiled Jan. 30 in the capital of Spain's autonomous community, Barcelona. At the event, Devex' co-founder and senior partner Kamiar Dar said that Spanish enterprises should take more advantage of the opportunities offered by international organizations such as the World Bank. Governments contributing to such organizations usually expect domestic companies to be awarded a proportional share of contracts, Dar noted, but this does not seem to be happening in Spain.

    "Spain contributed about $200 million in 2007 to the World Bank while Spanish companies received contracts for the amount of about $50 million," Dar said. "Now this is a serious gap."

    The network's main goals is to provide Catalan organizations access to and information about European and other funding and job opportunities. L'Anella CPI will be coordinated by ACC1O, an agency created a year ago by the Catalan government to grow the region's industry.

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    • Tiziana Cauli

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