Nick Clegg to Take UK Seat at MDG Summit

    Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom. Photo by: Nick Clegg / CC BY Nick CleggCC BY

    British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will represent the U.K. at the United Nations Millennium Development Goals summit in New York in September.

    The announcement followed Clegg’s meeting with philanthropist Bill Gates in London July 20. The two conferred on aid to poor countries. 

    “The New York talks are a huge opportunity to get the Millennium Development Goals back on track,” Clegg said in a press release issued by the U.K. Department for International Development. “With the 2015 deadline now around the corner, the time for warm words is over. National leaders have a duty to put in place a concrete plan to bring down the high death tolls of mothers, children and babies that are a blight on developing nations.”

    Clegg also said the U.K. and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are collaborating to finally eliminate polio. 

    “The Coalition Government and Gates Foundation are committed to working together to eradicate polio, which is 99% eradicated but on which we need a big push to eradicate the final 1%. I can today confirm that the UK will provide the next phase of its support, vaccinating 15-20m children under 5 this year,” Clegg said.

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