Notes on three completed writing projects

      For the government policy writing project, I attended three 1-day virtual conferences with representatives from Indonesia, Mexico, and Brazil, on issues of importance to the Bolivian government. I summarized and expanded on these issues and presented the conclusions in a publication, Bolivia Plurinacional. The purpose was to encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas among emerging market countries, a process known as a South-South exchange. Results of the Bolivia Plurinacional project were presented to the Bolivian government and translated into Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara. The government will use the publication to address internal issues of poverty reduction, indigenous policy, and the like.  

      For the accounting and accountability project, I attended one 5-day conference on international financial reporting for the international accounting profession, sponsored by the organization Accounting and Accountability for Regional Economic Growth (CReCER). Representatives from participating countries or companies discussed their points of view or experiences in specific policy and practice areas. The resulting publication, Restoring Confidence in the Wake of the Financial Crisis, explains the program’s goals and functions in international financial reporting standards, with the final goals of improving accounting and accountability practices and making Latin American businesses more transparent for international investors.  This publication is available on the CReCER web site.

      For the project on Chile’s policy for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), my co-author and I drew on original research from other team members and collaborators and literature surveys from academic sources. The collaborators conducted small research projects and presented the results to the co-authors. The project’s goal was to ensure that the contributors provided relevant and up-to-date information. The result was presented to the Chilean government as a contribution to the dialogue on government support for small business.