NZAID to Announce Contracting Opportunities

    Consultants interested in working with New Zealand's International Aid and Development Agency should expect a request for proposals to be announced soon. Devex Early Intelligence just learned from an agency official that applications for the Approved Contractor Scheme will be accepted in the next few months.

    NZAID's commercial contracting opportunities are advertised in different ways, the NZAID representative said. Long term contracts are let via open or closed tendering while short to medium term consultancy services are awarded through the Approved Contractor Scheme.

    Any individual can send an application to join the ACS but should have at least five years of work experience in their area of specialization. Experience of developing countries and/or regions in the Pacific and South East Asia is especially useful.

    According to several NZAID program coordinators, contractors included in the ACS database are given preference during the recruitment of consultants.

    ACS standing offers are valid for three years only and cannot be extended. All contractors who wish to continue to participate in the scheme must reapply in response to an RFP.

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