On the move: How and why to obtain international health insurance

    Many contractors or consultants travel overseas without insurance because they think the short-term health coverage they need doesn’t exist — or if it does, that it’s unaffordable.

    “I bought a plan a couple weeks ago for two weeks: a million dollars of coverage, it was $21,” said David Brumbach, director of personal insurance with Clements Worldwide, a global insurance company with more than 65 years of experience helping development professionals secure the international coverage they need.

    And whether you’re a consultant, a retiree or a student, as long as you’re traveling outside your home country, you can apply for Clements’ GlobalCare health insurance plan no matter the length of your travel or work.

    In this four-part video series, Brumbach explains the benefits of international health insurance and the simple process for obtaining coverage.

    1. What are the benefits of international health insurance?

    Health insurance plans can be tailored to each individual, and can include benefits like inpatient and outpatient care, vaccination coverage, medical evacuation and war and terrorism coverage.

    The benefits of international health insurance.

    2. Why obtain health insurance?

    The average medical evacuation can cost well over $35,000, Brumbach explained. And the ability to take the policy you purchased in Kenya with you to your next post, wherever it might be, can be just the flexibility you need when organizing the rest of your move. Find out what the other benefits are to obtaining international health insurance.

    Why obtaining international health insurance is critical.

    3. What does it take to apply for coverage and find the right care?

    The length of the average insurance application process might surprise you — in a good way. And, find out how you can be connected with the right care providers no matter where in the world you are.

    Applying for international health insurance coverage.

    4. When to apply for coverage? The three-step process

    Obtaining insurance is a three-step process that begins with consulting and comparing policies, and Brumbach recommends working with a broker to help you through the process. Watch this video to find out how long before your international move you should plan to secure coverage.

    A step-by-step process to obtaining international health insurance.

    Watch: On the move: What you need to know to protect yourselves overseas

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