Online platform unlocks knowledge stream for WASH

BPN 2.0 is an online platform created to help organizations in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector collaborate, share ideas and give feedback to each other, and better plan, manage, track and evaluate their work.

When the Community Water Center started developing a community-driven solution to providing clean, arsenic- and pesticide-free water to southern California’s San Joaquin Valley, it found help from a project implemented half a world away.

Project Well has been working to provide arsenic-free water to communities in West Bengal in eastern India and neighboring areas in Bangladesh for years. In 2007, the nonprofit joined the Blue Planet Run Foundation, which not only provided funding for 20 dug wells but also gave Project Well a platform to manage, track and analyze on-the-ground data.

The platform, called Peer Water Exchange, did more than just manage the nonprofit’s projects; it also housed the organization’s project plans, which were reviewed by other members of the Blue Planet Run network. These plans proved valuable to Community Water Center. Instead of starting from scratch, CWC learned from Project Well’s experience and was able to do a better and more effective program “right off the bat,” Lisa Nash, the executive director of the foundation now known as Blue Planet Network, said.

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