Outgoing MCC Chief Discusses US Aid Reform Options

The Millennium Challenge Corp. has been criticized for its lack of coordination with the U.S. Agency for International Development. MCC's outgoing chief executive, however, maintains that the government corporation's threshold program is a "sterling example of cooperation" between the two. Still, the United States' "somewhat old and somewhat antiquated" foreign assistance apparatus could be improved, says John J. Danilovich in an interview in January 2009, days before leaving his post at the helm of the five-year-old MCC. As reform options, Danilovich highlighted the creation of a new aid department or a board of directors to overseas the entire U.S. aid portfolio.

In his interview with Devex, Danilovich also discussed MCC successes, aid accountablity and the difference between China and MCC's development strategies, MCC partnerships and collaborations with civil society, as well as his advice for the next MCC chief.

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  • Oliver Subasinghe

    Oliver joined Devex in late 2008 as an international development correspondent and researcher. He previously served as a microfinance fellow for Kiva in Kenya and Uganda. During his tenure, he worked with Kiva’s field partners to improve their operations and governance. Oliver holds a master's in business from the College of William & Mary.

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